Fashion's Night Out & de Bijenkorf 2014

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Hey Humans!
After being M.I.A for a while, I'm back with another event review. Bijenkorf was the place to be on september 4th. It was the place to celebrate fashion for one night, in a big way. The night was filled with exclusive buys and fashionable activities.

Some of you may know that Bijenkorf is a pretty big store with high-end brands and labels. It was the perfect place for Pharrell Williams to launch his collaboration with G-Star Raw. His collection is an innovative way to bring awareness to the major ocean pollution problem, by using recycle plastic bottles within his pieces. Btw the octopus "mascot" is a nice touch. 


Who doesn't love free treats! This event was filled with delicious treats to keep you going. Like the Shave ice machine and the free ice cream yummy!!. They also spoiled their costumers with a sushi bar and champagne. I mean, why can't Fashion Night be every night.

MAC cosmetics showcased their new "A Novel Romance" collection in a special way, by giving the ladies some eye candy. They surely enjoyed hanging on to the heart throb for some camera time. This collection focuses on the romantic luscious shades and might just be the perfect make up to help you attract that secret lover *wink wink*.

Elise Gruppen and Nina de Bruijn from were also at the event signing their book and of course giving out some yummy samples, while discussing new food trends. Yes, I had a bite and it was delicious.

Ofcourse you can't have a great Fashion Night Out without some fashionable friends!

All and all it was a great night and a well organised event. It was a great place to hang out with friends and enjoy everything from the photo booths to the Catwalk shows. I would advice anyone to attend this event, next time it comes around again. Keep your eyes open, there is always something going on in your city. It's up to you to go out there and experience all that life has to offer.

Weekend in London


Hey humans,
Made yet another trip to London last weekend. Yes, I will relocate to London one day. It's kinda my dream. But until then I'll just have to get my fix every so often.The weather was pretty good and of course I just had to do a little shopping. I got this awesome grey backpack from during their summer, before my trip. I must admit I am in love. Its perfect for the stylish traveler or backpack  fanatics.

What is your favourite get away spot? And are you a backpack fan? 
Let me know in the comments 
Because I'm curious!


Summer Essentials 2014

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Hey Humans,

Sorry that I have been kinda MIA for a minute. But now i'm back with another blog post to help you with your summer wardrobe drama. I have made a youtube video showcasing my favourite summer basics, that will help you build your summer wardrobe. Like and subscribe to my youtube channel if ya want to keep up with all my other fun filled videos :D

Print A T-shirt and Poof! You Have A Clothing Line

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Hey Humans,
Yesterday I decided to check out what is going on in my community/neighbourhood.  I attend the Phresh Off The Runway fashion show. I noticed it on my Facebook time line and I said why not. Adventurous right. 

The objective of the show is to give young designers the opportunity to showcase their clothing. Now I use the word designer very loosely here, because it's mainly printed T-shirts.(One company also showcased various accessories). You won't see fabulous designs strutting down this runway, but that's okay. In my opinion it's a good start. I think they are on the right path to becoming more independent and becoming more business savvy. I mean, who would frown on that. So hats off to that. From my perspective they seem like hard working and very driven individuals and that's not something you see everyday. 

Click on the links below to find out more about the clothing companies that participated. and why not give them the support they work so hard for. 

Graphic Design Festival Breda


Hey Humans!!

Looking for something inspiring and fun to do.Well Breda is the place to be! Yesterday was the official start of the 4th annual Graphic Design Festival. This festival runs until April 27th 2014. The program is filled with awesome and inspiring activities such as workshops,film screening, exhibition and lectures. This festival is known for providing a stage for the next generation talent. This is just one reason why this festival is so important. The 11day event also showcases illustration,motion graphics,data visualisation and visual storytelling.

This event is really something to be seen. They are over 125 international designers that present their work at various galleries and venues. You might just see something inspiring by just walking down the streets of Breda. This festival inspires over 15,000 visitors, so why not be one of them this year. Click the program link to see the full schedule of all the activities and events. Side note; the events are student friendly.

Cotton Ball Challenge !

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Hey Humans!
My boyfriend and I decided to take on yet another challenge. This time we did the cotton ball challenge. I enjoy doing these kind of videos, because they are like  stress relievers and they bring something new to the table. I love entertaining you guys, even if it has nothing to do with fashion or DIY's. A little fun never hurt anyone.

If you enjoyed this video please like and subscribe to my Youtube Channel. Have a great week !!

Aruba Day Celebration 2014

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Hey humans!! Last week sunday I attended the yearly Aruba Day Celebration here in the Netherlands. Many arubians look forward to this event all year rond. It is basically a celebration of the national anthem and flag of Aruba. This event is filled with entertainment, home cooked food and friendly and happy go lucky people. 

This year I decided to try something new and harass some people with some random questions. I was a little nervous at first, but I got into the swing of things pretty quick. I enjoyed interacting with all the people I interviewed and I can't wait to do it again. Check out the video people and be entertained! Don't forget to like and subscribe to my Youtube channel where I upload all my vlog, DIY's and fashion related videos.

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