Give Them Something To Look At !

Yay!! spring is on it's way and if you live in Holland you would know what a great feeling this is. At the moment the weather is being a tease. But I guess i have no choice but to be patient.

Now my boyfriend always says that i think that it's a fashion show when i go to school. But as my mother always told me. " Never leave your house looking like bum. You never know who you might bump into". I think i would roll over and die if i ended up bumping into a long time crush or something of that nature looking like a hot mess! ( I know i'm not alone on this one ladies).

This look is a casual look you can wear to school or even to work depending on your profession of course  It's easy, simple, comfy with a little edge.

Outfit info:
Boyfriend blazer: New Look
Bag: Christmas gift ( bought in Den Haag )
Shoes: Jane Norman
Jean shirt: H&M

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