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How To Get Lovable, Kissable Lips


Everyone wants soft,beautiful, kissable lips. Your lips are an accessory to your smile.  Having soft and beautiful lips also gives you a clean and smooth canvas to apply your lipstick or lip-gloss to. ( whatever tickles your fance)
They are different ways to keep your lips looking awesome. But did you know that the ingredients are all in your kitchen cabinet. 
In my opinion the natural way is the healthy way. Why spend tons of dollars on something you can make yourself. Atleast this way you know exactly what’s in it.

 Now you may be asking how do I make this lip smoothing concoction. Well it’s pretty easy. All you need is the following ingredients:
-1tps Brown sugar
-1tps Honey
-Lemon juice (1/2  lemon)
And mix well.

After your done mixing it up, you can apply it to your lips with your finger or with a toothbrush. Scrub your lips for about 2 minutes and then wash off with water. Because you just scrubbed off all the dead skin off your lips, it’s very important to apply lip bum after. You need to add the moisture back into your lips. You can also use olive oil or Vaseline to add back the moisture into your lips.

The great thing about this mix is that you can store it in little jars for about 2 weeks. So no worries if you made a little more than needed.

So get into that kitchen and start your journey to soft, smooth, beautiful lips!

Urban Outfitters New Location!

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Say it aint true! One of my favorirte stores is coming to the Netherlands. The hipster, cool, edgy, and vintage clothing hotspot!.Urban Outfitters first openend it's doors in 1970 and has over 200 store locations. This is great and bad news.

Good news is that the first store will be opening in Amsterdam (kalverstraat). I will no longer have to go all the way to antwerpen or wait a week or two to receive my online purchases.

Bad news is, they are planning to open locations all over the Netherlands and when is comes to hot stores in the Netherlands, everybody and they momma will have on the same stuff and make it tabo.

According to Fashion United the store will be opening it's doors at the end of 2013. Don't you just hate when they dont give you an official date :(

I really do have mixed feeling about this new store opening in the Netherlands. But hey! life goes on.
 What are your feeling about Urban Outfitters coming to the Netherlands?

Click on the link below and check out their website and get familiar with what is to come, if you never heard about this awesome store.

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