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New Years Eve Madness

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The year has gone by so fast and it's that time of the year to look your best on that final day. You might just be going crazy and have no idea what to wear or what direction to go. Well, i'm here to help you fashionistas out. I tried to cover all types of fashionistas. From the casual girl, to the girl trying to make a statement when she walks in the room. Below are some outfits to get you inspired from some of my favourite online stores.  Hope you guys have a great and blessed 2014. Enjoy it the best way you know how. I know I sure will. London here I come <3

My Christmas Wish List

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Tis' the season and these are my top december/christmas items on my wish list. Christmas is my favourite holiday hands down. It's such a busy but yet happy and joyful time. I intend to make this a good one. Hope you guys are enjoying it so far. Just 2 more "sleeps" and it's on like popcorn !
So excited :)

Italian Roller Disco Amsterdam


Hey Humans! Sunday was filled with fun and laughter. I must say we are going into the christmas season head on. Last sunday my friends, boyfriend and I tried something new in the great city of Amsterdam. We went rollerskating. Now I am no total stranger to being on wheels, but my boyfriend on the other hand was a big joke! But entertaining either way. There is this awesome roller disco event that is held every Sunday at different location ( I think). But this time it was at club lite in Amsterdam. They do offer little workshops for the weak and fragile for a extra €5, so you don't have to be a pro when you attend.  Check out their Facebook page to see when the next event will be  Roller Disco . I would advise anyone to try this at least once. The people are super friendly and it's all and all a good old time.

 We also ate at this all you can eat italian restaurant, which wasn't that bad. I would advise the pizza rather than the pasta :s .The restaurant is called "The View" and is located in the Magna Plaza.

And of course I filmed all of this craziness...

Vintage Per Kilo Tilburg

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Hey Humans. Last weekend I attend the Vintage Per Kilo that was held in Tilburg. The concept of this event is to give shoppers access to vintage clothing for just €15 per kilo. One word to describe this. AWESOMENESS (if that is a word). To top this great experience. I also won 2 kilo on their online Facebook contest. Did they make my day or what!

I got some great pieces and will be attending the next event in Amsterdam. Check out their Facebook event page for more info on that >> vintage per kilo. Not convinced yet about this event. Take a look at my Life Of A Student Video, where I feature my experience at this event. Oh and also subscribe to my youtube channel. I post lost of "how to wear" and "Life Of A Student" videos and more over there.

By the by. You must wash your vintage purchases! Remember some of them have been in storage. Especially the jackets. They are not ready to wear.

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