Vintage Per Kilo Tilburg

Hey Humans. Last weekend I attend the Vintage Per Kilo that was held in Tilburg. The concept of this event is to give shoppers access to vintage clothing for just €15 per kilo. One word to describe this. AWESOMENESS (if that is a word). To top this great experience. I also won 2 kilo on their online Facebook contest. Did they make my day or what!

I got some great pieces and will be attending the next event in Amsterdam. Check out their Facebook event page for more info on that >> vintage per kilo. Not convinced yet about this event. Take a look at my Life Of A Student Video, where I feature my experience at this event. Oh and also subscribe to my youtube channel. I post lost of "how to wear" and "Life Of A Student" videos and more over there.

By the by. You must wash your vintage purchases! Remember some of them have been in storage. Especially the jackets. They are not ready to wear.

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