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Amsterdam Fashion Week DownTown

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Amsterdam Fashion Week! The place where the fashion world comes together to celebrate the art that is FASHION. For the first time ever, I got the chance to experience this awesome event.  Amsterdam celebrated its 10 year anniversary and organised 10 days downtown as a part of fashion week. These events were open to all. I attended two events which were, Fashionchick's "Bloggerscafe" and "God Created Fashion" held at Hutspot. 

Bloggercafe was a great event to network with other bloggers and or fashion lovers. Lectures were also held by Monique van Loon , Anouk YveYvonne Eijkenduijn. This event was great to hear about their success stories and meet new people. I was also stopped by as seen in the photo above. All and all, it was a great night. Can't complain. One tip though.When attending these kind of events, go super early if you want a seat. Don't under estimate the hunger for knowledge when it comes to fashion. 

God Created Fashion was a fashion show/shopping event. It was held at this awesome place called Hutspot. I will advise anyone to check them out if your in the Amsterdam area. B-E-A-Utiful retail store and more. The event was held upstairs, which I thought was a little small to hold all the fashion obsessed people. But I was still able to catch the fashion show and all the goodies that were on sale. I hope to attend more events next season, because I sure did have a ball !

I will be posting a short video of this event later this week on my youtube channel. So subscribe to my page and keep a look out for more videos, more fashion and more fun adventures.

Holiday Season Fun 2014


The holiday season is such a bucket of fun. I enjoyed spending time with my loved ones and counting down the New Year in London. I can't complain one bit. Everyone does different stuff during this season but this is how I like it. I ate my belly full on christmas and took advantage of the winter sale in London. 

Talking about, SALE IN LONDON! I might just have stumbled on a new tradition.  I am already in love with the place and now they might just make me save up all year round, just to spend ma money! It does get a little crazy around this time in London, but I think every where is like this, when it comes to the magic of the holiday season. 

I hope you guys had a great New Years Eve and may your new year resolutions last as long as the little black dress trend. I have some more great stuff coming this year so get some popcorn and get ready for the show :) 


Christmas OOTD : Blue Sweater Vintage Per Kilo - Plaid Skirt H&M - Ankle Wedge Heels Zara

After a long bus ride full of snacks and roti. We finally made it in one piece. It's the cheap way but you must be a travel lover, and why spend lots of money on airfare when you can spend those euros on some new shoes.

Black Crop Top  Miss Selfrigde - Vinyl Black Skirt River Island - Gold chains & Heels Primark

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