BB Creams & Black Girls

BB Cream. Just a Hype ??

BB Cream should be a real money saver right? BB creams are suppose to replace all of those extra products you use when using a basic foundation. It's a all-in-one facial product. It's a moisturizer, primer, foundation and even a sunblock. Great right! But why is it so hard to find your color here in the Netherlands?.......

I have been trying to find the right one so i can really give my thumbs up or thumbs down on the product. But lordie why can't I find " black people" colors. Do they not think that we would enjoy this product.Or maybe they think that we wouldn't enjoy the benefits that this product has. Whatever the reason may be, I for one would really like to get the chance to try this product.

Well i guess i'll just have to stick with my regular foundation that i had to look under a rock to find the right color until i can give my 2 cents about this BB Cream hype.

Let me know what you think about BB Creams if you tried it.

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