Fashion Party / Mode Feestje

Soooo this past weekend was a busy for me. But hey that's the life i choose. Friday I attended  The "Mode Feestje" event in Rotterdam. The party gave you to opportunity to get your hands on the latest trends. So it was kinda of a outlet party. The Netherlands is not known for the greatest fashion shop, so this event was was organised to give you the chance to get stuff that you can't find in the stores here in The Netherlands.

It was a nice event. Not really what i expected but it had a cool vibe to it. The people who attended seem to have really enjoyed it. I expected a bigger crowd but I think it was meant to be exclusive. Well so i hope. It wasnt jammed packed but about a hand full of people was there.

Before you had the chance to jump at the racks of clothing. We were entertained by a fashion show of the clothing that were being sold. They really had some hot items on the catwalk. Thumbs up for the fashion show,

Oh and ofcourse the event was opened by the dutch girl group named Sway. And they can surely sing their asses off.

Now enough geba gaba. Check out all of what you missed out on.
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