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Hey Humans !!
It's summer time and i have been so busy enjoying myself. I've been on vacation in st.maarten (my place of birth) for the pass 4 weeks now and I have soooo much stuff to show you guys. But first lets start off with the SXM's Girls Night Out event. I must say that I was surprised that my little island is up-ing it's game on fashion events, because when I was living on the island there was no such thing.

But anyways, like most events this one catered to women ( if the name didn't already give that away). The mission of this event was to create a great night out, where ladies can have fun, be pampered and ofcourse shop. There were about 17 vendors selling different products that night. There were also auctioning off different items which the money ofcourse went to a good cause.

In my opinion it we was awesome event. Something different for the fashionista - islanders. I love that Maybeline was there giving make-up tip and tricks to give you that flawless make-up. The swag bag was a cool plus, because they actually gave you "real" size products and not sample sizes. I must add that there were some "could be better" moments. For example; the Girls Night Out cocktail was a disappointment. It tasted horrible. The reason for this is because the ice just melted away and killed the taste of the cocktail. The Darn thing was HOT and who drinks hot alcoholics drinks.On a lighter note, I liked the red heels competition.  The ladies got to strut their stuff for a chance win a ticket  to anywhere Winair Airline flies (awesome right!)

After all of this blah blah blah. Check out the pictures I took of the event and get a sneak peak of what you missed.

ASOS - dress
Missguided -Heels
New Look - Necklace

I will be making a video of this event, just so you guys can see what you missed out on. So don't be afraid so like and subscribe. I mean it's easy and it's FREE !

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