Back 2 School Summer x Fall

Hello Humans ! College life is in full swing and ofcourse you might be starting to feel the pressure. This school year might have it's ups and downs but don't let that be the end of your fab outfits. I know some people might think that the dress up phase might have passed. But I say noway?? Why must you stop looking fabulous after the first week? Is it not possible to keep that first impression going? Or maybe you might just meet that special somebody a month after. The possibilities are endless. I say, pick out a fun wardrobe for each season, by just added some key items. Keep your head in the books and in the closet, because if you look good, you will surely feel good!

Black t-shirt MissGuided - Black Trousers Zara - Watch Casio - Necklace DIY - Cut out Boots New Look 

      Long Sleeve Shirt Primark - Maxi Skirt Missguided - Satchel Six Accessories 

Parka Jacket Primark - Jeans Shirt River Island - Printed Asian Cat T-shirt Zara - Bag River Island -     Wet Look Pants V&D

 Oxford Blood Shirt New Look - Wet Look Skirt MissGuided - Gold Rings H&M - Skull Bag  Paris2Day

Check out This Lookbook Video

Let me know which one is your fav !

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