Life of a student - Mud, Basketball & Comedy

Student life doesn't have to be boring. No one ever said you can't have a social life. As a college student I do plan different social outings just to stay human. Studying always comes first of course but social activity are good for the heart and soul. My latest vlog is about 3 different activities me and boyfriend enjoyed last month. Yes I enjoy life !

The first one was Mud masters. This is no place for the weak! My boyfriend took part in this psychical challenge course which included a 12 K run with different challenges along the way. I must say it was fun to watch people just throwing themselves in a big old pool of mud. I am definitely doing this next year. (Not to sure about the swimming in cold water though.)

The 3rd day out was a annual sport day, that is organised by Sint Maarten foundations located in the Netherlands. This was the 2nd annual sports day and it is a place for all Sint Maarteners to socialize and watch some friendly competition. I must say that last year was much better. 

Da Bounce is a comedy show. I would advise everyone in the Netherlands to go check it out. They bring different comedies from from the US and the UK. If your into comedy show, then this is right up your alley.  So check out this video below and get a taste of these activities, maybe it might just inspire you to check them out or put that pep in your step to see whats going on in your community. 

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