Graphic Design Festival Breda

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Looking for something inspiring and fun to do.Well Breda is the place to be! Yesterday was the official start of the 4th annual Graphic Design Festival. This festival runs until April 27th 2014. The program is filled with awesome and inspiring activities such as workshops,film screening, exhibition and lectures. This festival is known for providing a stage for the next generation talent. This is just one reason why this festival is so important. The 11day event also showcases illustration,motion graphics,data visualisation and visual storytelling.

This event is really something to be seen. They are over 125 international designers that present their work at various galleries and venues. You might just see something inspiring by just walking down the streets of Breda. This festival inspires over 15,000 visitors, so why not be one of them this year. Click the program link to see the full schedule of all the activities and events. Side note; the events are student friendly.

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  1. Hi girl its us from houseoffstyle again :D how can you be contacted ? can you please send us your email


    1. Hey guys! You can contact me at


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