Print A T-shirt and Poof! You Have A Clothing Line

Hey Humans,
Yesterday I decided to check out what is going on in my community/neighbourhood.  I attend the Phresh Off The Runway fashion show. I noticed it on my Facebook time line and I said why not. Adventurous right. 

The objective of the show is to give young designers the opportunity to showcase their clothing. Now I use the word designer very loosely here, because it's mainly printed T-shirts.(One company also showcased various accessories). You won't see fabulous designs strutting down this runway, but that's okay. In my opinion it's a good start. I think they are on the right path to becoming more independent and becoming more business savvy. I mean, who would frown on that. So hats off to that. From my perspective they seem like hard working and very driven individuals and that's not something you see everyday. 

Click on the links below to find out more about the clothing companies that participated. and why not give them the support they work so hard for. 

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One Response to “Print A T-shirt and Poof! You Have A Clothing Line ”

  1. seems cool different and fresh, i mean who have to start somewhere that is certainly better than nowhere, loved the accessories too !


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